DanFender Fender2Step


DanFender Skema Fender FenderStep
Standard colours:
FENDER = White, Blue or Navyblue

Optional colours:
ROPEHOLDS = Grey, Blue,
Navyblue or Red
FENDER = Black or Grey,

Max load:
100 kg / 225 lbs

Product information:
Perfect for boats with high topsides

Fender2step™ has been developed from our proven and very successful FenderStep but now provides an extra step which is really helpful not only for boats with very high topsides, but also on regular sized boats to allow children to safely get on and off and in making boarding from a dinghy even easier. Like FenderStep™ , it is easy to rig at any time, and importantly, BEFORE, entering a Marina, allowing the crew to safely and easily step ashore onto the pontoon, without resorting to leaping!

EU Community Design 002314344
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